Taylor Memorial Baptist Church - Hobbs, New Mexico - Summer 2015

Taylor Memorial Baptist Church - Hobbs, New Mexico - Summer 2015

As a pastor of families and students I am always looking for an opportunity to have families serve together and not have children treated like a “tag a long”. Jim and Mel do that so well! It was a blessing to take a very diverse group of people to the AIYM Camp this summer. We had 6 adults, 7 youth and 7 children and they all had work to do all the time. I loved seeing Jim take special interest in the little kids! He kept them busy and encouraged!

I also love the straight up way Jim talked the my group! He asked straight forward questions about their walk with Jesus and tried to spend 1 on 1 time with them to gain insight into each person. Mel is such a servant and willing to try and fulfill any request that we had.

The beauty of the camp is second to none! As a matter of fact it didn’t take my wife but a minute or 2 to lean over to me and say “ thank you for talking me into coming” and we were not even all the way to the camp yet!

As a pastor it was very nice to feel like like Jim was willing to “customize” the trip to our specific group and we had plenty of communication leading up to trip. This makes it so much easier to lead a group.

As a husband and dad I was thankful for the diversity of sleeping arrangements available to us and the food was great!

I had a mother of 4 with us on our trip who the Lord touched in a very special way! She told us that God was clearly speaking to her about her family and what she wants for her children. A dad of one of the students with us told me he was ready to go back before we left. One Young man named Jonathan said it was his first mission trip and that he was so glad that he came to Colorado and was able to help out at the camp. Jim and I challenged each of our group to write a devotional to share in the mornings and each morning after breakfast it was a joy to hear the students and adults and a few of the young kids tell the group about what God has showed them in His word.

We are definitely going back to AIYM Camp!
— Brandon Davis, Student Pastor @ Taylor Memorial Baptist Church, Hobbs, NM