First Presbyterian Church - Quincy, Massachusetts - Summer 2015

First Presbyterian Church - Quincy, Massachusetts - Summer 2015

Hello Jim and Melony,
Now that we are back almost a week and having had some time to reflect, I wanted to send you a note of thanks for all that happened while we were down in CO with the two of you. The Lord has worked in some wonderful ways while we were with you and I am so grateful for all that you did. I know you work hard and give your full self to this camp, and the guests who come to serve and play. Thank you for your witness, sacrifice, and love.

The highlights... (in no particular order)
1. Shooting... While the actual shooting was pretty great, seeing Jim’s teaching skills, patience, and encouragement is something that keeps coming up. Boys, girls, leaders all thought this was an amazing way to connect with Jim on a new level. GO JIM!

2. The witness of believers... One of the reasons we enjoyed last year so much was because we met believers of the same heart, who from different cultures, were living for the same Lord. This is so valuable for our kids and a great testimony to God’s work throughout the world. Last year it was great to see how you two, Joe, Perry, Barbara and Elizabeth all lived your lives for the Lord. The kids learn a great deal about Jesus from watching other emulate him. (i.e. Melony sharing how she missed the opportunity throughout the week to spend extended time with the Lord is a great example of modeling the faith for the kids.) The addition of Ron and Sherry, Perry’s family, and Glen left the kids with some great models beyond their usual leaders.

3. The work... To quote Glen, “This is the most productive Christian work trip I have ever been on.” Now we did have a great group of hardworking kids, but you two did a great job of having lots to do, giving the freedom to choose some of the jobs, and supporting that work with supplies, ample fuel (amazing food) and great encouragement for all that was taking place. We never feel like we are wasting time or energy when working with you all.

4. The food... I think every person we brought felt that the week we spend with you is the best week of eating we have all year. My wife is a great cook and makes amazing dinner each night. But I am still left to get my own breakfast and lunch which leaves alot to be desired. Feeding the body well, leaves minds and spirit in a good place to learn, grow and work.

5. The fun... AIYM camp has more activities than could be done in a month. The disc golf course was an amazing addition that the boys loved. The opportunity for exploring, hiking, star gazing, and swimming is boundless. The shooting was great fun. The bikes were a great addition. And the great scenery for video shoots was great.

6. The improvements... Although there was only a few things we thought could improve last year, I did share a few suggestions that I had. It seemed that you not only heard those, but took them to heart and acted upon them. For that I am grateful and impressed. Thank you for paying attention and valuing our input.

7. The friendship... It has been great getting to know you two and I know that I speak for the group when I say we are grateful for our Texas friends. It have been a pleasure and a joy getting to know you all and to grow the friendship that has been building.

8. Bringing my son... Having done youth ministry for 17 years without my own children involved, your encouragement to bring my son was a great gift. There couldn’t have been a better opportunity to introduce him to what I do and for him to see God’s people at work. Thank you for caring for my 11 year old son and for letting him be a part of things.

I have received thank you notes from Parents already and they are just thrilled with how much fun and growth took place while their kids are away. In each instance they were amazed with how much their kids had to say. In the words of one parent, “they still haven’t shut up yet.” They are excited to see their children witnessing the kingdom of God. These cards were sent to our leaders and me, but I know some of the credit goes to you two and the others who were present.

Praising God for a great week!
— Jason Sentas, First Presbyterian Church, MA