Global Mission Trips

Peru 2016

The 2016 Amazon Mission Team traveled by plane and by van to the banks of the Amazon River near Yurimagua, Peru. There they boarded the “Amazon Express” for a 6 hour journey downriver to the fishing village of Arahuante, Peru. The team trekked a short distance then camped in tents in a small mission church. There they shared “The Jesus Film” with villagers on a bed sheet nailed to one wall. Afterwards, the team gave a short message, then offered an “invitation” to those who “believe” and chose to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The following morning a bible study was held and questions answered as the team discipled the new believers along with others in attendance. Afterwards, villagers were fitted with reading glasses and Spanish New Testament Bibles were given to each person making a decision for Christ. Parasite medicine was provided to each family and (2) soccer balls full of scripture were presented to the village chief who would then present one to the men and the other to the women of the village. From there the team traveled 45 minutes by foot through the beautiful Amazon jungle to the next remote village “Ocho Octobre.” Upon arrival and after formal introductions with the village chief and elders the ministry outreach was repeated. The following day the team trekked 2 more hours to reach the remotest village “Paucaryacu” where they spent two days and nights building relationships and ministering to the people there. Afterwards, the team traveled by hand dugout canoe 3 hours down a narrow winding river shaded from the hot tropical sun by the beautiful jungle canopy of trees and vines to once again reach Arahuante. Another night was spent in the tiny mission church sharing “Truth” in love with all in attendance. The next morning the team boarded the boat to begin the long journey upstream to Yurimagua having witnessed 37 people making decisions for Christ. Some team members headed back to the States while others enjoyed a short side trip to the famous Inca ruins of Machu Picchu.


Peru 2015

Upon arrival, the group broke up into 2 groups.  The ladies spent 10 days feeding orphans, distributing clothing to the needy, teaching VBS, hosting women's conferences, and visiting local churches as they shared their love for Jesus.  The men spent their time camping amongst the indigenous people of northern Peru, staying in tents and small mission churches on the steep hillsides of the Andes Mountains.  Each day they would venture about and evangelize the wonderful people they encountered as they traveled on foot from house to house and hillside to hillside passing out Bibles, reading glasses and teaching the Word of God. The men packed in a Honda generator which they used to share The Jesus Film each night. They were invited into small remote classrooms carved into the side of mountains, houses tucked into rich green valleys, and frontier churches with dirt floors that overlooked the beautiful Negritos Baja region. After each showing of the film the team would give an invitation to all who wanted to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Many responded, 39 in total! Some people chose to watch the Jesus Film as many as 4 times! Their hunger for truth and the Word of God was clearly observed by the team.

Kenya 2013/2014/2015

Jim & Melony spent the entire month of June 2013 on mission in Kenya. In February 2014 they led a mission team of 10 to Kenya, East Africa where they served again in the mission field.  They also traveled to Kenya in February 2015 and were once again special guests on Kenya TV and Imani Radio, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with audiences numbering in the millions. Through these trips Jim & Melony have had the opportunity to share the Gospel to some 20,000 students in public schools and to teach about the risk of AIDS, drugs, as well as to share the love of Jesus Christ who offers grace, through faith in Him. They also toured HIV Hospitals and many orphanages. They had opportunities to speak to seminary students, guest speak in a number of churches and speak at a marriage conference.  The entire mission trip was videotaped as a documentary and produced to educate Americans on the needs of children and opportunities to serve in Kenya.  Feb. 2015 Jim taught several evangelism conferences and they both led hut to hut evangelism teams in many different remote villages. During this period of time they have witnessed over 10,000 professions of faith.