TAKING jesus & christmas to the border since 2011

Since 2011 AIYM has been organizing and promoting mission trips to the remote towns of Tornillo and Fort Hancock located near the border towns of El Paso, TX and Juarez, Mexico. Since inception, this ministry has continued to grow until it finally outgrew its far west Texas venue.

After much prayer, Jim felt The Lord calling the ministry to Del Rio, Texas.  A number of meetings with organizers and church leaders in and around the Del Rio area led to a mission trip being planned. Jim began to share the vision with pastors and church elders in Lubbock, San Angelo and Water Valley. Before long, a 60 person team emerged ready to take Jesus & Christmas to the border.  A number of training sessions were held over a 4 week period to conduct evangelism training for the volunteer team.  During one such meeting a young mother came forward to give her own life to Christ!  Praise The Lord!  Members began networking within their sphere of influence and soon gathered 20,000 lbs. of food, 4-500 toys, several thousand dollars in cash donations and 1,000 Bibles.  The two day evangelistic crusade resulted in more than 20 salvations, pantries filled with food and hundreds of happy children celebrating Christ’s birthday.  

Upon leaving Del Rio, Jim felt the nudge of The Holy Spirit to “go” and stop by the expansive Del Rio Civic Center for a quick tour.  After a brief visit with the Director of the Civic Center, Jim assembled the team to announce that the director was allowing the ministry to utilize the entire 4,000 seating capacity facility for the 2015 “Taking Jesus & Christmas to the Border” free of charge